Saturday, September 7, 2013

Moving anything!

with a bike, you can move about anything... here, to the right you see a man moving his dog!! i must say, i had never seen that before, so i had to take a picture when i saw this today (i have seen women moving their dogs in a little basket on the front of their bike). the dog was really enjoying it. unfortunately, i only could take a picture while the dog was not looking our way... :( we were waiting for a red light and i had to put my camera away before it would turn green again, as otherwise all the bikers behind me would get mad at me moving so slowly (biking really is a race, and you will get angry looks, or even yelled at if you dont move fast enough, most certainly people will use their "fietsbel" to let you know you have to move out of their way immediately).
i love those saddle bags and use them to get groceries home (their size determines how much groceries you can get at once... luckily they can be pretty big!), my bag (i dont like biking while having to carry my bag), or whatever else. unfortunately, with my bike stolen last month, i also lost my colorful saddle bags, and i have not yet bought new ones... :(( they are pretty expensive, and i want bags that are really big (like those on the left bike). at least i do have a little basket on the front again, for light stuff (but no dog for me!!)